AMBC 2022 Workshop Series and November Conference

Asset Management BC is pleased to bring you the 2022 AMBC Workshop Series. Building on the structure of the 2021 Risks and Rewards Conference, the Virtual Workshops will continue to cover the themes of “Physical”, “Natural” and “Human” Capital.

In the fourth quarter, AMBC brings you the final event of the year, live, at the Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport, November 2-3! The theme of this year’s Conference is “People, Places and Purpose – Building Resilient Communities Through Sustainable Service Delivery”.

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Physical Capital – COMPLETED: Thursday, March 10th, 9:30am-Noon

The term “operationalizing” Asset Management, which originated right here at AMBC, has become a widely used term in the country, when the industry refers to putting asset management into practice. Attendees will hear real life examples describing what it takes to implement asset management practices successfully!

Natural Capital – Thursday, June 16th, 9:30am-Noon

Record wildfires that wiped out settlements, flash floods that obliterated water management infrastructure and destroyed bridges, a heat dome that melted roads and rendered structures uninhabitable, freezing rain, snowfalls, tidal waves, atmospheric rivers.  Climate change has shined a bright spotlight on municipalities’ reserves, and abilities to react to natural disasters.  Depending on the size of the community, the ability to respond to a natural disaster might be very different.  How does a small or medium community respond as opposed to a large metropolis.  Find out more through real live accounts and examples at AMBC’s Natural Capital session.

Cost: $75 + GST

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Human Capital – Thursday, September 22nd, 9:30am-Noon

Managing our assets has become infinitely more complicated. The standard workplace as we all knew it, is gone.  It is replaced by a hybrid, evolving workplace, where more and more functions are being executed remotely.  What does this mean in terms of labour shortages?  How do we even define the new labour shortage, in particular when it comes to managing a remote workforce leading to record cyber security issues. Higher Education is lagging behind in turning out experts in the field.  Are we all fighting for the same cyber security specialists, and at what cost?  AMBC’s Human Capital session delves into the cyber security insurance and professional labour shortage problems, and explores some possible solutions.

Cost: $75 + GST

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People, Places and Purpose: Building Resilient Communities Through Sustainable Service Delivery – November 2-3, 2022

Everyone has a different, significant role to play in managing the assets of BC’s communities. AMBC looks at the challenges and opportunities from the vantage point of small, medium and large communities in BC.

Conference will take place at the Westin Wall Centre Airport Hotel in Vancouver.

Cost: $395 + GST

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