Thank you for the great submissions we have received and are still receiving in the name of Asset Management Awareness Day!  Let’s continue.  Obviously we have a lot to be proud of in this amazing province that is ahead of the game in Asset Management.

Let’s see some of these great submissions!

The District of Saanich dedicated a full page on their website to AM Day…and provided a fantastic description of what Asset Management means to that team.

Follow this link and take look at the Saanich AM Awareness Day page.  Thanks Jacqueline  Westin and Saanich Engineering Team!

The Township of Spallumcheen sent us their greatest asset with the following heartfelt message:

“Please see attached a picture of one or our greatest assets in Spallumcheen…our STAFF!  Our Asset Management plans and principals help us to chart a course forward but these are the people that make it happen. From planning for Asset renewal to making those plans come to life the staff, consultants and contractors are one of our greatest Assets!”

….Lisa Gyorkos on behalf of Doug Allin.

Thank you Lisa and Doug, and here they are, truly, the greatest assets:

The “Humble Bus Shelter” stars in the Town of View Royal’s submission from Deputy Director of Engineering Ben Lubberts.  Here’s the post:

“I have many favourite assets (I know, I live a thrilling life), but one that comes to mind is the humble bus shelter. BC Transit has a slick modern style right now. They’re a quick install and provide such wonderful shade and shelter for transit riders. Next time you’re at Thetis Lake, give the one in the photo a whirl and let me know what you think :)”

So true, Ben, “slick little” Asset Management tweaks…do go a long way.  Love these shelters!

…OK…so AM Awareness Day may be over, but keep these images and stories coming!  Copy us, tag us, send us your assets – any interpretation is fine.  After all, it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Check back here on the NEWS page this month.  Winner of an AMBC Conference Ticket will be picked on May 31st!