In Memoriam

Danny Higashitani, August 7, 1967 – April 5, 2024

Asset Management BC (AMBC) and the entire asset management community mourns the loss of Danny, a passionate asset management champion and friend.  As an asset management champion, Danny forged a path that continuously improved critical service delivery in all communities in BC.  As a Sr. Engineer with Indigenous Services Canada, he was always focused on solutions, supporting all First Nation communities in their improvements to service delivery through the development and implementation of asset management best practices.  He was an advocate of education, training and collaboration which resulted in building a strong working relationship with AMBC.  As a result of his efforts, the Annual AMBC Conference has been enriched by the integration of First Nation community content and strong First Nation community participation.  Danny was an active participant and partner with AMBC since 2008.

Moreover, Danny was respected and admired.  You did not have to know Danny long before you considered him a friend.  He will be missed, but not forgotten.  While he is no longer with us, his legacy will continue.

For more information, Danny’s obituary can be found here.