Newsletter 43, summer 2024

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Topics include:

  • Feature: The Perfect Storm – Why ‘Asset Management for Sustainable Service Delivery’ provides solutions
  • In Memoriam: Danny Higashitani
  • CASE STUDY: Kelowna shifts to service-based budgeting
  • CASE STUDY: Increasing Asset Knowledge in Real Time with Physical Inspections
  • Critical thinking is a prerequisite for meaningful data collection
  • #OurAssetsMatter: Posting by City of Mission
  • #OurAssetsMatter: Asset Management Day
  • Setting the Foundation for Asset Management
  • How to Integrate Natural Assets into Asset Management Plans: New Planning Guidance
  • CNAM News: Successful Conference/New events
  • AMBC Training Programs and Schedule
  • AMBC 2024 Annual Conference
  • Tips and Tactics: Ideas on Priority Ranking – How to define importance
  • Upcoming Events