Newsletter 37, fall 2022

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Topics include:

  • Feature Article: How much to spend each year to reduce the Riparian Deficit?
  • Asset Management: Integration for Resilience
  • Case Study: Future Proofing Fleet Asset Management at the District of Saanich
  • UBCM Award District of Oak Bay
  • You asked: What does Asset Management BC do?
  • AMBC Communications Channel Refresh Project
  • Municipal Responsibilities based on Nelson vs. Marchi
  • Why your team should attend the CNAM Conference in Fredericton
  • AMBC Annual Conference
  • Pre-Conference Course offered by AMBC Nov 1, 2022
  • AMBC joins BCWWA Community Network
  • Tips and Tactics: Considering the Cost of Climate Resilience in Asset Replacement Forecasts
  • Upcoming Events